Crizal Protective Lenses – Why Compromise?

We are unashamedly fussy about the lenses we fit into our clients’ spectacles! Contrary to popular belief, not all lenses are made equal. We choose to use Crizal Protective lenses as standard, so every pair of glasses we supply offers market-leading levels of:

  • Optical clarity – for crisp vision and better cosmetic appearance
  • Glare reduction – to minimise distracting reflections and help with driving, computer use and electronic devices
  • Water-repellence – to help you see clearly, whatever the weather
  • Smudge- and dust-resistance – to help keep your specs cleaner, for longer
  • UV and Blue-V filtering – to help keep your eyes healthy

And best of all, all of our Crizal lenses come with a two-year guarantee against day-to-day scratches, so you know they’re built to last.

Personalised Lenses – As Unique as You Are

Did you know that every pair of eyes is different? The shape of your eyeball – and therefore the way that it moves when you walk, drive, play sports and read – is entirely unique.

Until quite recently, glasses couldn’t account for this, and so you could only truly achieve optimum visual performance looking through the very centre of your lenses. Thanks to new measuring technology and manufacturing techniques, we can now map the three-dimensional movement of your eyes and tailor your lenses to suit – meaning that wherever your eyes look, your lenses are individually optimised using your unique ‘eyecode’ to give you comfortable, natural vision.

Instant vision without effort

This type of technology works for just about every lens type, regardless of age, prescription or frame, and offers the wearer all-round clarity without having to adjust posture. Recent evidence points to improved reaction times and more comfortable vision in motion. We think it’s the biggest advance in lens technology since anti-glare lenses were launched, all those years ago.

Varilux Xclusive 4D™ – for multitasking in today’s connected world

The impact of personalised lenses has been felt most keenly by our varifocal lens wearers. Now that we live in a 24/7 connected world where multitasking is part of everyday life, varifocal technology needs to be advanced enough – and flexible enough – to keep up!

The Varilux Xclusive 4D™ (or X4D for short!) has been designed with modern lifestyles in mind and, using the personalisation measurements we get from your unique eyecode, we can tailor your lenses to give you comfortable, fluid vision for all near tasks – whether you use a PC, laptop, iPad, smartphone, or all of the above!

Arguably the most impressive feature of the X4D, and the feedback we hear most often, is that it dramatically reduces the need to move your head up and down or side-to-side to find your comfortable “sweet spot” – meaning you can remain focused on living your connected life.

EyeZen™ – designed for a connected life

Whether you spend 3 hours or 12 hours per day on devices, your digital life has an impact on your vision.

Eyezen™ lenses are enhanced everyday lenses, designed to reduce eye strain when you’re working or socialising on digital devices. So you can continue to do what you enjoy with comfortable vision. Learn more…

Road Pilot – for comfortable driving vision, day or night

A recent study showed that more and more of us are struggling with glare when driving. All of our ‘normal’ spectacle lenses offer exceptionally good glare-reduction, but our Road Pilot lenses (available as both single-vision and varifocal, to suit your prescription) have been specifically designed to offer better peripheral vision than traditional lenses and to minimise glare when driving, whether due to sunlight or headlights.